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Do you have a herniated or bulging disc in Bethel? Nothing is more frustrating than experiencing disc pain. You had X-Ray’s, MRI’s, Injections and maybe even surgery but nothing has helped.


At Bethel Chiropractic, we are here to ease you pain. We may have a solution for your disc pain, it’s called the Cox Technique. It is a clinically-documented, researched-published procedure for patients suffering from disc pain.


What is Cox Flexion Distraction Technique?


Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression procedure that is a gentle, non-force technique, non-surgical back pain solution for those 95%-98% of spine pain sufferers who do not require surgery. 


Dr. Wilson offers this powerful spinal manipulation and decompression technique. Cox Technique is a non-surgical alternative to a more intrusive surgery for alleviation of pain in the neck, arm, lower back and leg.




How Does Cox Flexion Distraction Technique Work?


The Effect

Cox Technic is a gentle distraction (stretching) adjustment of the spine to bring about the following benefits for the patient with back or extremity pain:

1. Grow the intervertebral disc space opening.


2. Decrease the pressure within the disc to aid healing of disc herniation.


3. Increase the size of the nerve openings in the spine to reduce pinched nerves.


4. Restore range of motion to spinal segments.



The Healing Benefits

1. Stimulation of circulation into the intervertebral disc to aid in absorption of the pain-causing chemicals while increasing the absorption of nutrients into the disc to aid healing and regeneration of the disc.


2. Dropping the pressure inside the disc creates a force inside the disc to reduce the bulging of herniated disc material.


3. Stenosis patients benefit by increase in the size of the nerve openings which is the sight of nerve compression and pinched nerves.


4. Range of motion spinal manipulation restores more freedom of movement while also stimulating nerves in the extremities, spinal cord, and brain to produce chemicals that reduce pain and create a sense of well-being.


5. As these above changes occur under chiropractic treatment with Cox Technic Flexion Distraction spinal manipulation, pain in the extremity can reduce by centralizing or isolating the pain to the low back and hip area.

◦ This easing of pain in the extremity by moving out of the leg and into the back and hip area is a sign of healing and is called centralization of pain.


◦ Back pain diminishes as the nerve compression and chemical irritation decreases and normal movement of the spine returns.


6. Three months time is necessary to allow healing of herniated disc and stenosis caused pain. Some patients receive full relief of pain and some as much as possible, requiring continued observance of rules of exercise, proper ergonomics of lifting, and continued monitoring of care.

The Table

The Cox Technique is performed on a special table called a flexion distraction table. Its design allows for a gentle fractioning of the spine to drop intradiscal pressures, to increase disc height, and open spinal canal area as well as reestablish individual normal spinal segment ranges of motion. 


Can Cox Flexion Distraction Help Me? 


Cox Flexion Distraction is one of the best treatment options for lower back pain because it is gentle and safe. If has been proven to counteract the effects of disc degeneration. 

Call us today at 203-297-9805 and schedule your free lower back pain consultation.  You will receive a thorough evaluation, examination and review of options.  There is no obligation for care.

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