Treatment For Car Accident Injuries in Bethel Connecticut 


If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident in or near Bethel, probably even reading this information on your phone is causing pain.


Car Accident Injuries are responsible for causing Whiplash and Back Pain. It affects millions of Americans and it is one of the top reasons people seek chiropractic care with Bethel Chiropractor Dr. Richard Wilson, who has been helping patients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents for 25 years.


What Best Describes Your Role In The Accident?


I Was Driving And I Was Hit

I Was A Passenger In A Car That Was In An Accident


I Hit Someone And It Was My Fault


I Was Driving And I Was Hit

Were you injured in a car accident that wasn't your fault?  I know how it can be.  Its happened to many of us from time to time. 


Initially you wonder if you and your family are okay.  You have to wonder if your car is still drivable.  Do you need to go to the hospital?  Do you need an attorney? 


There are hundreds of questions going through your mind. 


The problem is: once the smoke settles (literally) and the adrenaline passes after a few days to a few weeks, the vast majority of people start developing neck and lower back pain.


The dangerous part is most people don't even put two and two together than their neck or lower back pain could be from that accident!


How Bethel Chiropractic Can Help?

Dr. Richard S. Wilson is a Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedic with over 25 years of experience in working with car accident victims.  He's Western Connecticut's premier physician who understands and knows what you are going through.

With Dr. Wilson's experience, he is very versed with not only how to help you get out of pain as fast as possible, but also helping you with all the other issues regarding your car accident, like:


1.  What do I do about my car?

2.  Should I hire an attorney?

3.  How do I get the insurance company off my back?


Car accident victims that need a doctor that can help them choose Dr. Wilson because he has the track record in not only being your doctor, but also your assistant in getting your life back to the way it was before your accident.


Should I See My Primary Doctor First?

You can.  What we tend to see is most car accident victims get a prescription of muscle relaxers and sent home.  The problem with that approach is there can be 'hidden injuries' that don't get discovered which, in time, could come back to be more problematic later in life.

Is It Better For Me To Get An Attorney First?

Quite frankly, most of our patients who have been injured in a car accident have retained an attorney before they come see us.  Our Bethel, CT area attorneys know Dr. Wilson very well and the vast majority recommend seeing him, and perhaps if you have an attorney they already directed you to call our office.

However, its not necessary for you to retain an attorney first.  We offer a free consultation for car accident victims where you will meet with Dr. Wilson to discuss your case, your injuries, whether you are a good candidate for care and what options you should be considering.  In fact, Dr. Wilson can contact one of our area attorneys for you same day and schedule an appointment for you to make it as easy for you as possible.

Let us handle everything we can for you.  You've been through enough.


I Was The Passenger In A Car That Was Hit

Were you the passenger in a car involved in an accident?  


Perhaps you were in the front or back seats, and your friend or loved one was involved in an accident that wasn't their fault.  You may have even felt okay after the accident, but now all of a sudden you are getting some stiffness or pain in your neck or back, or even down your arms or legs. 


While you thought it would go away on its own, its looking more like it isn't going away and you have thought about getting yourself looked at.  However too many people wind up.  But you soon developing neck pain, headaches, dizziness and numbness.


While this is a common mistake I see everyday among accident victims, it is a crucial mistake that can impact your physical and financial future for years to come. 


No matter the car accident, most victims will experience some type of pain in the days to weeks following the accident, regardless if they were the driver or passenger. 

That is why it is essential to see Dr. Wilson immediately following a car accident following a collision of any kind, whether you were the driver or passenger.

Don't Worry About Your Friend or Family Member!

Some people who were passengers in a car collision have been reluctant to get themselves looked at after an accident because they worry that their friend or loved one was the driver and they don't want see their insurance rates go up or feel funny about suing them.

Understand that we know how you feel.  This is why we offer a free car accident consultation for you to sit down with Dr. Wilson and discuss your pain and the situation like we mentioned above.  You will get fully informed not only on your condition and if we feel we could help, but we will coach you on the best way to handle such a situation that initially might feel 'sticky' but we assure you it does not have to feel that way.

I Hit Someone And It Is My Fault

Maybe the driver of a car ahead of you stopped suddenly.You did your best to avoid to the collision but you still struck their car. Perhaps you were driving on a rainy or snowy day and you lost control of your car resulting in an accident.


Did you know, that you are still able get treatment?


We are only concerned with getting you out of pain as soon as possible. Most insurance companies provide some coverage for these injuries. No insurance, no problem!  We also work with patients who have insurance too.  

Call us today at 203-297-9805 and schedule your free lower back pain consultation.  You will receive a thorough evaluation, examination and review of options.  There is no obligation for care.

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